27 September 2009


If you'd asked me back in early 2005 whether I would ever own a dog, the answer would have been "A dog?" "Are you quite mad?"

I've always been a cat person.  Mum liked cats, sister liked cats, Dad tolerated cats and it just followed that I would own cats. In fact, Chivers and Tazzie are my two, now aged, moggies who've been with me through thick and thin and life's ups and downs since 1992.

However, in 2005 this self confessed feline fanatic, found herself becoming a canine convert, with the addition of a lurcher - Mina.

Four years on and the canines outnumber the humans and felines! Stevie - a retired racing greyhound - joined us in April 2008 and in May 2009 we were joined by Jasper, another retired racing greyhound.

I'm now a complete canine convert and have a soft spot for all greyhounds and gazehound breeds - so much so that I now support and spend my free time helping the Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust - http://www.lincolnshiregreyhoundtrust.com/
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