02 November 2009

Remember, remember the fifth of November....

... isn't a fun time for many of our canine friends, cats and pets.

On top of the change in the season and no more evening walks in daylight, our furry friends have to contend with loud bangs, whizzes, cracks and a funny smell of gunpowder.

There's lots that you can do to help your dog and a great website that has a FREE e-book that you can download, packed full of practical advice and tips on how to have a happier bonfire night with your dog. The website is: www.dogsandfireworks.com

Of my four animals, firework noises only seem to affect Stevie. Mina has often been known to sleep through fireworks going off and Jasper hasn't reacted to the fireworks that have already started going off.  And, as for Tazzie... well she's deaf so it doesn't bother her at all.

 I'm using a DAP diffuser (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) and a DAP collar for Stevie in the days running up to the celebrations. I also try to walk the hounds as soon as I get home and before any fireworks go off. I also make sure that Tazzie is kept inside and can't go out wandering.

I'd really recommend the e-book from www.dogsandfireworks.com and their downloadable mp3 of firework sounds that can help your dog become less fearful of fireworks.
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