03 January 2010

The art of playing

All dogs love to play right? It has been said that if a dog does not play it could be unhealthy or unhappy (source: PetPlace.com)

But what if play doesn't seem to come naturally to your dog. Does it really mean that they're miserable or unhealthy? Stevie, our beautiful blue & white greyhound, has never been one to engage in traditional play but he's certainly not miserable or unhealthy. He still gets excited for his walks and often does his little kangaroo jumps at the sound & sight of his lead and plays in less traditional ways.

Both Jasper and Mina, by contrast, love to play and engage in traditional play bows, chase each other, throw toys around and actively seek out toys to play with. Jasper has tried to get Stevie to play with him (it's hilarious to watch) by play bowing, woofing, advancing forward - woofing & retreating woofing - all to no avail.

However, this Christmas it looks like we've finally found toys that encourage Stevie to play! I bought three rope toys, because I thought they would be less likely to be destroyed by Mina (how wrong was I?!?) and Stevie loves it as the slideshow shows!

Jasper absolutely loves to play and tears around like, well a greyhound!  After a few minutes of playing he's then pooped & spends the rest of the day snoozing.

Hope you enjoy the slideshow and video. Proof of the fact that retired racing greyhounds really do make greyt pets.


  1. Hi Susan,

    Great post on the art of playing! Play is so very underrated in my opinion. It's wonderful that you've found a toy Stevie enjoys playing with. He looks quite proud of himself there at the end of the slideshow. I've met several adult dogs who come from troubled backgrounds don't know how to play, perhaps because they were never allowed to or encouraged to.

    Jasper's hilarious and so very cute as he does his zoomies! I bet he and my very playful Vinnie would hit it off!

    I've never had a greyhound but have met several rescues and I agree, they do make great pets.


  2. Just found your blog via Twitter - we adopted a beautiful black greyhound last summer and she is only just starting to play. She's gorgeous, and I'm thinking of adding another grey to the mix!

  3. Thanks for your comments Lisa and notSupermum.

    Stevie continues to enjoy playing with his rope toy, though it no longer resembles a snowman!

    notSupermum - Congratulations on adopting your greyhound. Be warned though... greyhounds are addictive! I had one and now have 3! Hope you continue to enjoy your 'greyt' life with your grey


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