20 July 2012

Stevie Goes on Trial with Joint Care+ Treats

Stevie turned 10 at the beginning of July and in the last year or so has definitely started showing signs of his age.  In particular his back legs seem to have stiffened up and sometimes he struggles with stairs.  I find this quite distressing and always worry.  The chances are that it’s just wear and tear and the result of his racing days.

I’ve looked into dietary supplements such as chrondroitin and glucosamine – all of which aim to help with joints – so, I was pleased to be invited to participate in the Pedigree Joint Care+ 6 week trial*.  The trial is exactly what the name suggests - a 6 week trial of the Pedigree Joint Care+ treats. They contain chrondroitin and glucosamine which include green lipped mussel and shrimp shells.

Stevie, greyhound, inspects his Joint Care trial pack
Stevie inspects his Joint Care+ trial pack

Our Joint Care+ trial pack arrived yesterday – a rather nifty yellow rucksack which is embroidered with Stevie’s name and which contained a ball launcher, four balls and 6 weeks’ supply of Joint Care+ treats. 

The timing of the trial couldn’t be better.  We’ve been on a mini break for the last few days and all the hounds joined us.  Whilst Mina and Jasper could manage the internal stairs to the room, Stevie struggled and we had to use the external approach to the room (which involved a slope and about 3 steps).  I noticed that he’s slowed down on walks quite a bit too; he still gets excited at the sight of his lead (think a big blue Zebedee like greyhound) but doesn’t always seem to be up to the walk.

I’ll be recording Stevie’s progress over the 6 weeks and reporting back when I can.  And, just in case you wondered if Mina and Jasper were missing out, they’re not as..they each have a 3 week supply of the Joint Care+ treats!

*Disclosure: I have been provided with 6 weeks' supply of Joint Care+ treats by Pedigree  as part of the Joint Care+ Challenge.  I have not been paid for my views and all views expressed are my own.


  1. Hi Susan, Buddy was lucky enough to go on this trial too and although I wouldn't have said he had any mobility problems it made him puppyish again. He will be 10 in December 2012 and he had become more sedentary, but after the Play Again trial he had a few crazy half hours when he got excited and danced around, and he even swooped on Rusty's tennis ball a few times and made off with it - cheeky! I really hope you see a difference in Stevie, and I look forward to reading about it. Julie xx

  2. Stella's arrived today so we shall be starting the trial this week. Aren't the packs great? Such a lot of thought has gone into them. Good luck Stevie! :)

  3. Thanks Julie and Lisa.

    We're keeping all our fingers & paws crossed that the trial helps - as the vet has diagnosed joint pain/arthritis/muscle spasms.

    Julie - so glad the trial helped Rusty and Lisa - fingers crossed for Stella too :-)


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