The Cats

In life BC (before canine), I always had rescue cats and continue to do so.  Here are the cats, past and present, who live with me, hubby and the hounds.


Matilda (2015 - present)

Matilda joined us in March 2016, as a little bundle of tortie loveliness.  She is blossoming into a lovely cat, who has one of the loudest purrs.

Her recall and name recognition is pretty good too!

Dennis (2015 - 2016)

Dennis (also known as 'ninja kitty') joined the hound gang in June 2015.  Initially, he was a little nervous after leaving the safety of his brothers and sisters, but soon settled into his new home thanks to the provision of cat-friendly activities, space and plenty of places to jump up and boxes to hide in.

He was full of character and, despite looking like a Bengal, was a tabby cat who became very handsome and very confident and calm around the hounds.  Unfortunately, Dennis  was knocked down by a car - a week before his 1st birthday - and never recovered.  He is missed very much.


Morris (March 2015 - June 2015)

Morrise joined us on 15 June 2015.  He was a lovely a little kitten but, unbeknownst to us or the cat rescue, he was very poorly when we rehomed him.  After less than a fortnight in our care, Morris passed away at the vets. Even though Morris was with us for such a short time, he is still missed.

Tula (2010 - 28 March 2015)

Tula, the cat, joined the greyhound gang back in November 2010 after Susan's previous cats - Chivers and Tazzie - had died of old age. Tula got on very well with the hounds and could often be found snuggling up to them in bed, or even taking over their beds.  One of her 'special tricks' was to hide in the boxes when the hounds were practising nose/scent work!

Tula loved being outside and also enjoyed clicker training.  Sadly, Tula passed away very unexpectedly on 28 March 2015; she suffered a fatal massive blood clot (saddle thrombus) and is missed dearly.

Tazzie (1992 - 16 November 2010)

Tazzie's loud purr and sandpaper-like licks won my heart from the first moment I cuddled her. Tazzie was only about 8 months old when I adopted her, but like many poor un-neutered cats she had already had a litter of kittens and had endured a pretty tough start to life.

She soon adapted to life with Chivers and even took meeting Mina (when she was aged 13) in her stride. You can read more about Tazzie's story here.

Chivers (1992 - 29 September 2009) 

Chivers was my first cat and I swear he thought he was a dog! He knew how to 'give paw' - which was his signal to be picked up - and he used to follow me to the post-box. He learned to live with the hounds and became firm friends with Mina. 

You can read more about Chivers here.

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