Jasper joined our greyhound gang on 24 May 2009.  I fell in love with Jasper - or Magic as he was then known - whilst I was off work on long term sick leave.

Jasper goofs it up for the camera
During my time off, I spent a lot of time at the kennels as I found it very therapeutic, helping out with the hounds and getting to know the new arrivals. I fell in love with Jasper immediately - he had a very calming effect (which I likened to poochie prozac).  He and Stevie got on like a house on fire but the litmus test was how he would get on with Mina (or more to the point, how Mina would get on with him).

Unfortunately, my falling in love with Jasper coincided with Mina's first eye operation.  This meant that we couldn't introduce Jasper to Mina until she was fully recovered and free of the cone of shame.  The waiting was dreadful - I'd set my heart on Jasper coming to live with us...

Thankfully, I needn't have worried as Jasper's calming influence seemed to extend and envelop Mina too.  Jasper also didn't really need any cat training, he seemed to accept the cats from day one.

Jasper is quite a shy boy and despite having come a long way, he can still be quite fearful of new situations, children and people. However, when he's in the safety of the home he can be a real cheeky chappy as the video shows.

He raced under the name of Boherash Bravado and raced up in the NE, mainly in Newcastle.  Now he spends a lot of his time snoozing (living up to the greyhound stereotype) and due to the fact he only has 4 teeth left he lives up to his name of Mr Snaggletooth.

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